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How my babies are made
Each baby starts out as a blank silicone vinyl /vinyl doll kit.

First of all I gave the kit a good wash and air dry to clear off any residues from the manufacturing process before starting to transform them into the beautiful babies you see on my website.

I then paint them over many days with my own blend of Genesis paints which are heat set so the paint will never rub off or fade, the paint is built up in many thin layers to give the skin a real 3D effect with shadowing and different tones where you would see them on a young baby.

I give each baby delicate blushing and veins in all the right places, the skin looks so lifelike and is slightly blotchy here and there but not overly blushed.

The mohair I use is just stunning and is imported from Canada and the U.S.A. the lovely, soft hair takes me many, many hours over several days to root 1 or 2 hairs at a time but the result is so worth it, I hope you’ll agree!

It is then sealed inside so you can slightly dampen and restyle each baby is then weighted and filled with the best quality fillings, I use sand like glass granules in the limbs so there is no crunching sound and it gives the baby a lovely squishy feel, the body is weighted with a combination of heavyweight poly pellets and occasionally steel shot in sealed bags to add weight and best quality soft fibre filling in the tummy and bottom so the baby is nice and cuddly.

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